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December Update: Getting Ready for 2024

A significant part of our work is educating researchers about their rights and responsibilities, including the potential legal risks of engaging in political advocacy. This week, CSLDF attorneys are at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2023 Fall Meeting, the world’s largest gathering of earth scientists, to present on this topic ahead of the coming election cycle.

On Monday, we led a session called “Getting Involved in the 2024 U.S. Election.” This event focused on why it’s so important for scientists to participate in elections, how to do so without incurring negative legal consequences, and ways to engage that will have maximum impact. On Friday, CSLDF will also present “Understanding the Legal Risks of Advocacy and Activism” to help scientists avoid becoming mired in political or legal controversy as a result of their activism. Attendees will learn best practices for engaging in scientific advocacy safely and effectively, as well as how to serve as an expert witness in climate litigation.

As always, CSLDF is offering free, confidential legal consultations to scientists from all disciplines who have legal questions or concerns related to their work. If you are a researcher seeking legal advice, please use our secure online form or email

Your support is what made our work possible. With your help, CSLDF can continue to educate and empower climate researchers in the ongoing fight against very deep pockets.

As we head into another election year, we are already seeing an increase in anti-science disinformation and its chilling effect on scientific research and advocacy. We need your support to fight back.

Please consider making a donation in support of climate science today.


Why the CT public record system needs to be overhauled

November 26, 2023 | Hartford Courant | Rachael Lyle-Thompson, CSLDF Senior Project Attorney

In the face of growing calls for immediate climate action after the world’s hottest summer on record, fossil fuel-funded interests are intensifying efforts to undercut climate research and policies. Among other tactics, climate scientists continue to face harassment through misuse of open records laws by bad actors seeking to delay or halt the scientific endeavor.

Announcing our new Climate Litigation Toolkit

December 7, 2023 | CSLDF Blog

We are excited to announce the latest resource in the ongoing fight for climate progress: our new Climate Litigation Toolkit! We hope this new toolkit will help empower researchers who wish to help further climate progress by providing scientific expertise to lawyers and policymakers.

Upcoming Events

AGU Fall Meeting: Understanding the Legal Risks of Advocacy and Activism

December 15, 2023

At CSLDF, our mission is to ensure that scientists can conduct, publish, and discuss their research as well as advocate for science without the threat of political harassment, censorship, or legal intimidation. We will discuss some of the basic legal risks of activism and advocacy, harassment, and defamation — and how to protect against them — as well as best practices in scientific and political communication. We will also overview ways to prepare and serve as an expert witness in climate legal defenses.

Meet with Us at AGU!

CSLDF attorneys will be available for free, confidential legal consultations to AGU attendees with questions or concerns related to their work. Use this link or email to make a free 30-minute appointment.

CSLDF is now on Bluesky:

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