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The Trump Administration Is ‘Silencing Science,’ Environmental Law Expert Says

Along with the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, the Sabin Center has been tracking the erosion of climate science under Trump using their “Silencing Science Tracker.”

New York Times

One Thing You Can Do: Make Smart Donations

Kate Marvel, an associate research scientist at the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, recommended… the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, which combats “the war on science.”

Climate Science Legal Defense Fund Fights for Whistle-Blowing Climate Scientist

The nonprofit Climate Science Legal Defense Fund (CSLDF) was created eight years ago to help climate scientists fight back against politically-motivated and industry-funded harassment.

Scientific Integrity Act Passes House Committee

Lauren Kurtz, executive director of the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, told Eos in a statement that the group supports the bill “because scientific integrity at federal agencies is a critical issue and presently, federal scientific integrity policies are piecemeal at best.”

Inside Climate News

Top CDC Health and Climate Scientist Files Whistleblower Complaint

“Prohibiting people from speaking out about climate change, pressuring people not to study climate change, or terminating programs on climate—it’s been a very holistic approach to silencing science,” said Lauren Kurtz, executive director of the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund.

Climate Expert at CDC Poised to File Whistleblower Complaint over Treatment

Lauren Kurtz, executive director of the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund in New York City, said what is happening at the CDC is part of a larger trend of Trump officials telling scientists and nonscientists that they shouldn’t refer to climate change.

The Guardian

War on Science: Trump Administration Muzzles Climate Experts, Critics Say

Lauren Kurtz – who is tracking evidence of censorship for a database by the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law and Climate Science Legal Defense Fund – said it extends beyond the climate crisis, to pesticide safety and reproductive health.

California is Fighting Over the Future of Freedom of Information Laws

“You can imagine if you handed out 38,000 of your emails to people who openly disputed the validity of your work, they might be able to find a phrase or two that they could use to make you look bad, so there were some real concerns about doing that,” says Lauren Kurtz, executive director of the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, referring to Michael Mann’s experience.

Congress Can Stop the War on Science

It is essential that Congress exercise their immense powers to protect scientific research by supporting scientists and challenging anti-science efforts by the Trump administration.

Court Forces University of Arizona to Release Climate Scientists’ Traditionally Confidential Emails

The nonprofit Climate Science Legal Defense Fund was created seven years ago to help climate scientists fight back against politically-motivated and industry-funded harassment, and has been heavily involved in the Arizona open records case.

Women Climate Scientists Threatened and Harassed

I will say that my experience is that people who reject climate science a non-zero amount of time often overlap with people who are also raging misogynists.

The Trump Administration Is Suppressing Science at an Alarming Rate

The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund (CSLDF) in conjunction with Columbia’s Sabin Center for Climate Change Law has been tracking the ways in which scientific information is being removed from reports and public websites, in addition to how scientists themselves are being sidelined.

‘Ugly Fake Scientist.’ Women Say Sexist Attacks on the Rise

The fund’s executive director, Lauren Kurtz, said laws addressing online harassment are “behind the times.” They tend to focus on bullying of children, not adult victims.

New York Times

He Sues to Discredit Climate Scientists. Now He’s Being Sued by His Allies.

Lauren Kurtz, executive director of the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, said that while the conservative groups had pursued researchers’ emails in the name of transparency, there had been “complete lack of transparency in how they were running their own organization.”

Losing Justice Kennedy Puts Fundamental Environmental Protections in Peril

Justice Kennedy’s replacement will influence how we protect our air and water, as well as how we respond to climate change, for generations to come.

Steve Milloy Doesn’t Like ‘Climate Bedwetters’

The presence of people like Milloy shuts out the voices of qualified scientists in the public policy arena, said Augusta Wilson, an attorney with the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund.

Big Tobacco’s Smoke and Mirrors Revived by Pruitt’s Science Transparency Policy

This coordinated assault on science in the name of transparency will ultimately harm not only the health of the American people, but the scientific endeavor as a whole.

The White House’s Attack on Scientists Could Manipulate Public Opinion

Despite the administration’s claims that its actions put “America first,” they will in fact undermine our economic competitiveness and our position at the forefront of scientific research.

Climate coalition tallied all of Trump’s censorship of science. It’s staggering.

To date, the tracker has 96 entries, including 41 examples of outright government censorship. For instance, “on December 20, 2017, ninety-two documents describing national parks’ climate action plans were removed from the National Park Service (NPS) website.”

New Republic

Trump Has Tried to Restrict Science Almost 100 Times Already.

“Political and ideological attacks on science have a long and shameful history, and such attacks are the most dangerous when carried out or condoned by government authorities,” said Lauren Kurtz, CSLDF’s executive director.

New Climate Censorship Tracker Comes Online

The project, called the Silencing Science Tracker, has so far assembled 96 entries of federal restrictions or prohibitions on climate science since November 2016. The database is built from media reports, and it’s searchable by agency, date and type of action.

Press Releases

Science, Civil Rights, Public Health and Good Government Groups Rally Behind Scientific Integrity Legislation

The Scientific Integrity Act is an important step forward for safeguarding scientific integrity at federal agencies, and it improves the legal options available for federal scientists who are facing increasing levels of censorship, research hindrances, and misrepresentation of established facts.

Silencing Science Tracker to Keep Tabs on Trump Administration Attacks on Environmental, Public Health, Climate Science

The Silencing Science Tracker is intended to capture government attempts to restrict or prevent scientific research, education, discussion or the publication or use of scientific information. The tracker contains a table of entries, drawn from media reports, which will be updated on a regular basis.

Lack of Protections for Scientific Records Puts Researchers at Risk

Legal protections for scientific research materials vary widely in the United States, according to a new Climate Science Legal Defense Fund report, leaving scientists and universities vulnerable to malicious open records requests and endangering the scientific endeavor.

Amicus Groups File Brief to Protect Climate Scientists

The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund has asked the District of Columbia federal District Court to safeguard roughly 8,000 pages of privileged correspondence between nine climate scientists.

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