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  • Agency Official Pressed on Scientific Integrity Review

    Lauren Kurtz, CSLDF's director, was quoted in E&E News following an EPA meeting on scientific integrity after Trump. EPA is currently reviewing past scientific integrity complaints and other communications with scientific integrity officers, but EPA's Scientific Integrity Official also emphasized not "dwelling in the past." Said Kurtz, "It's a challenging balance because there is a real need to learn from past mistakes, and we know that many issues are not reported.... [T]here is a need for a very thorough review of past failings to learn how to better protect science in the future."

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  • Biden's First 100 days: Where He Stands on Science

    An op-ed co-authored by Lauren Kurtz, CSLDF's director, asserts that things are improving, but there’s still a lot President Biden can do to restore the role of science in federal policy.

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  • A Biden Administration Strategy: Send In the Scientists

    Josh Wolfe, a CSLDF co-founder, describes the harassment and attacks experienced by NASA climate scientist Gavin Schmidt throughout his career.

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  • Opinion: How Do We Protect Science From the Next Trump?

    To prevent future political interference in science, agencies must build a lasting culture of scientific integrity, argues CSLDF attorney Augusta Wilson.

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  • Will Biden's Scientific Integrity Memo Help Whistleblowers?

    Lauren Kurtz, executive director of the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, explained that the memo makes big strides toward addressing censorship but doesn't look at other issues, like retaliation.

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  • How to Ensure the Federal Government Doesn't Try to Muzzle Science Again

    “I don’t think these ideas are going anywhere, and I do think it is highly likely that attempts by industry-friendly lawmakers to undermine science will continue,” said CSLDF attorney Augusta Wilson.

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  • Biden: 'Today is Jobs Day at the White House'

    Biden's effort builds on Obama-era scientific integrity policies, but Lauren Kurtz, executive director at the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, noted: "The last four years showed the process is far from done."

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  • Ten Steps that Can Restore Scientific Integrity in Government

    Ten recommendations for the Biden administration that would dramatically improve scientific integrity protections across federal agencies, co-authored by CSLDF's Lauren Kurtz.

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  • COVID-19 is the Pop Quiz but Climate Change is the Final Exam

    An interview with Lauren Kurtz, director of the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, where she discusses the politicization of science and the parallels between climate change and COVID-19.

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  • Science on the Ballot

    The Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia University and the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund jointly maintain the Silencing Science Tracker, which keeps a running tally of instances of federal and state government attempts to censor or otherwise inhibit scientific processes or the use of scientific information since the 2016 election.

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  • Fighting Back Against Climate Disinformation and Intimidation

    Lauren Kurtz, director of the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, discusses how people who care about climate science and climate action can fight back against myths, disinformation, and intimidation.

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  • Trump’s Attacks on Science Will Hasten Climate Catastrophe

    Luckily, the Silencing Science Tracker, compiled by the Columbia Law School’s Sabin Center for Climate Change Law and the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, has been steadily chronicling the extent to which science is being attacked.

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