The War on Science

Science is under siege. Anti-science groups and individuals seek to delegitimize, interfere with, and undermine facts and evidence that threaten their financial interests and ideological beliefs. Aggressive legal action, harassment, and even death threats are standard occurrences for climate researchers. We fight for scientists and defend scientific integrity by exposing and challenging these attacks against science to preserve academic freedom and prevent manipulation of public policy.

The Climate Reality Project

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The risk of legal attack on any individual scientist is small, but there are actions researchers can take to protect and defend themselves against politically-motivated attacks.

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Research Protections in State Open Records Laws

We found that legal protections for scientific research materials vary widely in the U.S., putting scientists and universities at risk and endangering the scientific endeavor.

Mike Mann

Scientists’ Stories

Hear directly from climate scientists about what it’s like to be threatened with legal attacks or harassed by politically and ideologically motivated groups.


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