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Protecting scientists from anti-science forces

The War On Science

Science is under siege. Anti-science groups and individuals seek to delegitimize, interfere with, and undermine facts and evidence that threaten their financial interests and ideological beliefs. Aggressive legal action, harassment, and even death threats are standard occurrences for climate researchers.

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Our Work

We provide free legal aid and resources to researchers, educate the scientific community about their rights and responsibilities, and strengthen legal protections to promote scientific integrity.

Advancing Legal Literacy

Our education programming teaches scientists about the legal issues surrounding their work and ensures they know how to respond to conflicts arising from their research. We also share strategies and information about cases with attorneys.

Resources & Activities

Scientists: Know Your Rights 

The risk of legal attack on any individual scientist is small, but there are actions researchers can take to protect and defend themselves against politically-motivated attacks.

In the News

  • Ten Steps that Can Restore Scientific Integrity in Government

    Ten recommendations for the Biden administration that would dramatically improve scientific integrity protections across federal agencies, co-authored by CSLDF's Lauren Kurtz.

  • COVID-19 is the Pop Quiz but Climate Change is the Final Exam

    An interview with Lauren Kurtz, director of the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, where she discusses the politicization of science and the parallels between climate change and COVID-19.

  • Science on the Ballot

    The Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia University and the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund jointly maintain the Silencing Science Tracker, which keeps a running tally of instances of federal and state government attempts to censor or otherwise inhibit scientific processes or the use of scientific information since the 2016 election.

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