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November Update: CSLDF Releases New Guide and Upcoming AGU Events

CSLDF Releases Notice & Comment Guide

 We’ve created a new Pocket Guide for scientists who are interested in engaging in government rulemaking, now officially available here. The Pocket Guide, titled “How Scientists Can Participate in Government Rulemaking,” helps scientists know what to expect—and what to safeguard against—when submitting comments on proposed agency rules, particularly for scientists who receive federal or state funding. It contains a brief overview of this process, also known as “notice-and-comment” rulemaking, and offers practical tips and best practices for finding and submitting comments.

For scientists who have any specific questions about participating in this important process, please reach out to us directly at

You can keep the door open to protect climate scientists and science

Every time a scientist knocks on our door, it’s a sign that science continues to be attacked. But, thanks to our donors, that door has always been open to provide legal assistance.

Your support is vital to meet the growing need from climate scientists for legal support, educational resources, and events. 

This fall, we had to hire an extra attorney to help the record-breaking number of scientists seeking legal support. As scientists become more active in investigating and educating the public about the brewing climate crisis, they are also increasingly under fire for this important work.

We expect 2023 to be even busier: fossil fuel-funded special interests recognize their days are numbered, and they are fighting harder than ever to stymie climate progress for as long as possible.

Your generosity ensures that scientists have the protections and tools they need to conduct their critical work without fear of intimidation and harassment.  Please, donate today.

AGU Events

This year, CSLDF is offering a range of events at the American Geophysical Union’s 2022 Fall Meeting in Chicago. We will be presenting two sessions at the conference and for virtual attendees:

  • How Scientists Can Be Involved in Scientific and Political Activism,” Town Hall, Tuesday 6 Dec from 10:00am-11:00am CT. In this session, our attorneys will discuss ways that scientists can apply their expertise towards the policy and lawmaking process, both as scientists and private citizens, while avoiding potential professional pitfalls. More details available here.
  • How Scientists Can Engage in Government Rulemaking,” Monday 12 Dec from 9:40am-9:50am CT. In this informal workshop, our attorneys will discuss what the notice-and-comment rulemaking process generally entails, and why participating in it is important for scientists who want to effect policy change. More details available here.

Additionally, CSLDF attorneys will be providing free, confidential legal consultations to AGU attendees who have legal questions or concerns related to their work; these will be held over Zoom or on the phone. Use this link or email to make a 30 minute appointment.

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