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A Pocket Guide for Scientists: How Scientists Can Participate in Government Rulemaking

How Scientists Can Participate in Government RulemakingCongress relies on federal agencies to implement precise, technical rules to carry out essential legislation. Administrative agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, in turn, rely on scientists to assist them in developing workable and beneficial rules.

This administrative rulemaking is open to public input, via what is known as the “notice-and-comment” process. Scientists should feel encouraged to participate in the notice-and-comment process; this forum for expert input helps agencies create better and more precise rules. Both federal and state agencies solicit necessary feedback using the notice-and-comment framework.

This Pocket Guide helps scientists know what to expect—and what to safeguard against—when submitting comments on proposed agency rules, particularly for scientists who receive federal or state funding. It contains a brief overview of the rulemaking process, offers practical tips for finding and submitting comments, and describes best practices for participating in this important process.

The information contained in this guide concerns U.S. laws only and does not constitute specific legal advice. If you have legal questions regarding a particular circumstance, please call your lawyer or contact us directly by emailing or using our Client Intake Form.

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