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Webinar: How Scientists Can Be Involved in Scientific and Political Advocacy

Scientists are increasingly looking to use their voices and expertise to engage in scientific and political advocacy. Over the years, government actions that ignore or misrepresent the science of climate change, the Covid-19 pandemic, and other matters have highlighted the importance of scientists and researchers having seats at the policymaking table.

In this session, lawyers from the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund will discuss several different ways that scientists can apply their expertise towards the policy and lawmaking process, both as scientists and as private citizens. In particular, we will explain how scientists can actively participate in the administrative regulatory process (including why it is useful for them to do so) and how scientists can engage with Congress on legislative matters, as well as other avenues for change. We will also cover general First Amendment rights as they pertain to scientists, including how scientists can safely participate in activism.

Finally, we will discuss how scientists can be most effective in their advocacy efforts while avoiding potential pitfalls, with the aim of ensuring that scientists can participate to the fullest extent possible while minimizing the risk of negative repercussions in their professional lives.

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