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How Scientists Can Engage in Government Rulemaking

We’re participating in the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, the world’s largest gathering of Earth and space scientists. Register here.

As scientists and other technical experts are increasingly interested in becoming involved in public policy, the government rulemaking process offers an important opportunity to do so. The rules that federal agencies adopt can have lasting impacts of issues of broad scientific importance, and scientists have extensive knowledge that administrative agencies rely on when adopting precise, technical rules that implement federal legislation. As such, scientists can assist agencies in developing workable and beneficial rules.

In this informal workshop, attorneys from the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund will discuss what the notice-and-comment rulemaking process generally entails, and why engaging in this process is important for scientists who want to effect policy change on issues that are meaningful to them.

Attorneys from CSLDF will also cover the specifics of how scientists can engage in the notice-and-comment rulemaking process at a practical level, including best practices for drafting and submitting comments in a safe and effective way, particularly for scientists who receive federal or state funding.

Find more information here.

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