Protecting the Scientific Endeavor

Science Under Siege

The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund has fought for the scientific endeavor since 2011. Our initiatives ensure that scientists can conduct, publish, and discuss their research and advocate for science without the threat of political harassment, censorship, or legal intimidation.
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Climate Litigation Toolkit

Our free legal resources explain the best practices for safely and effectively engaging in climate litigation and other scientific consulting work.

2023 Impact Report

2023 was quite a year. Read our impact report to learn what your generous support made possible.

Updated Report: Open Records Laws

These laws, while critical to government transparency, are frequently misused by groups seeking to harass scientists and slow or halt the scientific endeavor. This report can help scientists and attorneys respond to such inquiries.

Political Action Toolkit

Our free legal resources explain the best practices for safely and effectively engaging in political advocacy.

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Our Work

We provide free legal aid and resources to researchers, educate the scientific community about their rights and responsibilities, and strengthen legal protections to promote scientific integrity.

Silencing Science Tracker

The Silencing Science Tracker is a public database that tracks government efforts to restrict, censor, undermine, and misrepresent science since the November 2016 election. To date, we have documented more than 500 attacks on science. We catalog government efforts to restrict, censor, undermine, and misrepresent science.

Safeguarding Scientific Integrity

We promote scientific integrity reforms to ensure the best available research and data inform government decision-making. And we publish resources to advance understanding of how research institutions and federal agencies approach scientific integrity — and how to strengthen legal protections for science and scientists.

Latest Resources and Activities

Scientists: Know Your Rights 

The legal risks for any individual scientist are small, but there are actions you can take to protect and defend yourself, especially if you’re involved in scientific advocacy and activism.

Our Expertise in the News

  • In the United States, climate skeptics ordered to pay $1 million

    The Washington DC Superior Court convicted two people on February 8 of defamation, with more than $1 million (approximately 928,000 euros) in compensatory damages. Rand Simberg and Mark Steyn claimed that climatologist Michael E. Mann had tampered with his data and compared him to a child molester.

  • Attorney and Climate Science Defender: Unpacking the Mann Verdict

    If you’ve been following the news, you know that last week, Climate scientist Michael Mann won a million dollar award against science denial grifter (and Lounge Singer) Mark Steyn.

  • Climatologist Michael Mann wins defamation case: what it means for scientists

    “It’s perfectly legitimate to criticize scientific findings, but this verdict is a strong signal that individual scientists shouldn’t be accused of serious misconduct without strong evidence,” says Michael Gerrard, a legal scholar at Columbia University’s Sabin Center for Climate Change Law in New York City.

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