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Harvard Political Review

Inside the Climate Science Witch Hunts

“People can get very dogged in attacking climate scientists, and they can do things you would never think of,” Lauren Kurtz said in an interview with the HPR. She’s the executive director of the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, based out of Columbia University, which defends scientists like Hayhoe from legal attacks.

New Republic

It’s Never Been Harder to Be a Climate Scientist

The fear has pushed some agency scientists to seek advice from outside sources. Lauren Kurtz, executive director at the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, says several federal climate scientists have asked her about their legal options for speaking out. “One researcher just called to say hey, my boss has made it really hard for me to do my job. What can I do?” she said.

The Washington Post

Scientists Prepare to Fight for Their Work During the ‘Trumpocene’

Executive Director Lauren Kurtz talks about CSLDF’s activities at the 2016 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting and the development of our pocket guide: “Handling Political Harassment & Legal Intimidation.”

The Guardian

Climate Scientists Face Harassment, Threats and Fears of ‘McCarthyist’ Attacks

Executive director Lauren Kurtz and climate scientist Michael Mann discuss attacks on science in the Trump era.

Inside Climate News

Climate Scientists Challenge Conservatives’ NOAA Suit

CSLDF files a legal brief in support of federal climate scientists who are being sued by the conservative organization Judicial Watch.

New Scientist

Climate Scientists Brace Themselves for a Trump-led Witch-hunt

CSLDF’s Peter Fontaine talks about how scientists can protect themselves when their work comes under political fire.

Inside Climate News

EPA Official, After Years of Work to Thwart the Agency’s Mission, Returns to Carry Out Trump Agenda

CSLDF’s Lauren Kurtz discusses David Schnare, a key member of the Trump transition team, and his anti-science agenda.

Ars Technica

Two Recent Court Decisions Make Climate Scientists Emails Public

“These sorts of lawsuits, regardless of outcome, subtract months of labor from the scientific endeavor and cost public universities hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees,” CSLDF’s Lauren Kurtz said.

The Guardian

Climate Scientists Under Attack From Frivolous Lawsuits

Executive Director Lauren Kurtz writes about how attacks on climate scientists endanger the scientific endeavor.

Science Friday

Science in the Crosshairs

Executive Director Lauren Kurtz discusses CSLDF’s work protecting climate scientists and the legal challenges facing climate scientists and other researchers.

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