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May Update: Activism over Apathy

Activism over Apathy

Election cycles can be overwhelming—this one especially so. But the stakes are too high not to stay engaged and encourage others to do the same.

We all have the power to effect change. By making our voices heard and casting our ballots for candidates who believe in science, truth, and decency, we can protect the things we value. We must also ensure that our peers, who may be tempted to sit out the election, turn out to the polls. Our Political Action Toolkit provides resources to anyone interested in the critically important work of defending science and democracy, including campaigning for pro-science candidates or participating in protests.

While it can feel exhausting to keep talking about the upcoming election with all its attendant chaos, it is imperative that we continue to fight voter apathy and despair and remind people why voting—particularly for pro-science candidates—is so critical this November.

Summer is here, and so is your chance to double your donation!

So far in 2024, we’ve helped 28 researchers facing legal attacks such as harrassment, censorship of their climate research, and backlash from investigating climate misinformation. Your donation is vital in defending researchers and scientists against these and other legal attacks. And right now, thanks to a group of CSLDF supporters, your gift will be matched, doubling it up to $40,000!

Please, join the fight for climate science this summer. 

Your donation will:

  • Make sure scientists can safely engage in democracy and advocacy. Scientists’ voices must be heard in the upcoming election.
  • Promote better protections for science at the federal level.
  • Prepare legal defenses for the cataclysmic impact of thousands of federal researchers potentially losing their jobs under an anti-science administration.
  • And, of course, your matched gift will provide free legal representation to climate scientists who continue to be attacked and silenced due to their work, and who CSLDF will never stop defending.

This summer, please join us in the fight for climate science and have your gift doubled.

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