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In the United States, climate skeptics ordered to pay $1 million

A United States court convicted two people on February 8 for defaming climate scientist Michael E. Mann. A recurring practice to discredit scientists.

Reporterre | Edward Maille | February 13, 2024

“We have seen an increase in attacks against scientists,” explains Lauren Kurtz, lawyer and director of the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund, a legal defense organization for researchers who has helped the climate scientist in the past. “But there is now a decline in the number of debates about the veracity of their research to the detriment of attacks to discredit them in more nebulous and harmful ways, saying that scientists are biased, that they are activists or that their role is not to educate. Michael E. Mann isn’t the only one experiencing this, it’s just that he’s more public.”

Read the full story at Reporterre.

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