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Workshop for Public Sector Scientists and Engineers: July 16 in NYC

Know Your Rights and Workplace Organizing Training for Public Sector Scientists and Engineers
Tuesday, July 16, 6:00-8:00 p.m. Location TBD, but near Foley Square in lower Manhattan. Advance registration required; RSVP here.

Are you a climate scientist (or a climate science-adjacent professional) at a federal agency in the New York City area? Is your office under-resourced at your state or city job? Does the perceived threat of retaliation limit participation in your union? Or the formation of one?

Civil servants face a variety of unique challenges in the workplace today. In some federal agencies, leaders oppose the agency mission or ex-lobbyists have been put in charge of regulatory bodies. And at state agencies where the public mission is often supported with speeches, the resources necessary don’t always back up the politicians’ words.

From the wholesale intimidation of federal workers involved in science, engineering, regulation and planning associated with climate change to the widespread under-resourcing of city and state civil servants tasked with leading New York’s transition to a green economy, public sector climate professionals are organizing for dignity, liberty, and security in their workplaces.

Join us after work on Tuesday, July 16 for a workshop hosted by the Federal Workers Coalition of New York City. The “Know Your Rights” portion will be led by a lawyer from the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund and the “Workplace Organizing” portion will be led by an experienced union organizer from Labor Notes.

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