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Being a Voice for Science: How Scientists Can Be Advocates Without Getting Caught in the Political Crosshairs

Join us for a live Town Hall during the virtual American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting on Tuesday, January 12 from 10:30–11:30 AM EST. The event is free for all meeting attendees.

Scientists are increasingly looking to use their voices to engage with policy and political issues. In this town hall, attorney Augusta Wilson will help scientists understand how they can fully participate in political processes. She’ll discuss the ways in which the First Amendment protects the rights of scientists to speak out about issues they care about, for both government employees and those who work in the private sector.

She’ll also discuss certain limitations on political expression and involvement likely to be relevant for many scientists, particularly the Hatch Act and anti-lobbying regulations.  Finally, she will provide tips and best practices for scientists who wish to be active in politics and in their communities to ensure that they can do so to the fullest extent possible while minimizing the risk of any negative repercussions in their professional lives.

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