November 27, 2018

Our Comments on the EPA’s Proposed Rule on Scientific Integrity

The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund filed comments on November 26 in support of a rule proposed by the EPA, which would require contractors who perform scientific work or provide scientific advice to the EPA to abide by the agency’s Scientific Integrity Policy. While we believe the proposed rule needs some adjustments and additions, overall we support it as a positive development for scientific integrity at the agency
November 7, 2018

A Vote for Science

We're buoyed by the results of the midterm elections, which show that people in the U.S. are ready for change on many fronts—including science. This is inspiring news, but our work is not done.
August 22, 2018

Our Comments to the EPA: Don’t Restrict the Use of Science in Federal Policy Making

August 16 was the last day for public comment on the “science transparency” rule proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which would prohibit the agency from taking many scientific and medical studies into consideration when making policy decisions that impact human and environmental health. The EPA received nearly half a million comments on its controversial proposal. Among them were comments we at the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund submitted explaining our opposition to the rule.
June 21, 2018

We’re fighting attacks on science. Here’s how you can help.

We’re pausing mid-year to reflect on what we’ve accomplished so far in 2018 — and to ask for your help. Today’s political environment is extremely dangerous for science and scientists. But support from our donors guarantees that we can continue to confront the challenges awaiting researchers this year and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead
June 19, 2018

NYC Event: Legal Literacy for Scientists

If you're a scientist in New York City, please join us on Thursday, July 19 for our first event with 500 Women Scientists. This informal workshop, led by our attorneys, will help researchers from all disciplines understand their legal rights and responsibilities.
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