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March 19, 2020

March Update: This Administration is Undermining Science in Unprecedented Ways

In addition to our regular monthly update, we want to share how COVID-19 has changed the way we work. Our office is closed, and our staff has shifted to remote working, but we’re still providing free, confidential legal advice.
January 30, 2020

January Update: Ocean Sciences Meeting, Silencing Science, and We’re Hiring

Find out about our work at the February Ocean Science Meeting in San Diego; learn about the 388 government attacks on science we've documented in the Silencing Science Tracker; and more.
October 24, 2019

October Update: Trump is Silencing Science About Once Every Four Days

We took a look at science under the first 1,000 days of Trump; countering the White House’s attack on science advice; the Scientific Integrity Act moves forward; and more.
September 23, 2019

September Update: Recent Events at NOAA, Our GSA Activities, and More

The recent events at NOAA highlight the strengths and shortcomings of scientific integrity policies; how to contact us for free confidential legal advice; where to find us at the 2019 Geological Society of American Annual Meeting.
August 28, 2019

August Update: We’re Fighting for Scientific Integrity

We've been providing free legal support to climate scientist Maria Caffrey, helping her file a scientific integrity complaint and a whistleblower complaint against the Trump administration; we're hosting events at the Geological Society of American Annual Meeting in September; and more.
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