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  • The Trump EPA Finalizes a Rule That Silences Science

    As long as this rule is in effect, the EPA can unjustifiably disregard or discount vital science when taking regulatory actions.

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  • 2020: Our Year in Review

    As 2020 comes to a close, we want to deeply thank everyone who supports our work. You enabled us to transform into a virtual organization so our small team could offer the same free legal services to the scientific community at a time when it was under attack like never before.

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  • New Report: How the Abuse of Congressional Oversight Powers Harms Science

    Our new report, “How the Abuse of Congressional Oversight Powers Harms Science,” details the damaging ways Congress has abused its power over science. This misuse of congressional investigatory powers distracts from Congress’s crucial pro-science endeavors, contributes to false narratives about climate science, public health and other fields, and endangers scientists

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  • Legal Education for Scientists at #AGU20

    This is the ninth year we’re partnering with the American Geophysical Union on the Legal Education for Scientists Program, and we’re offering a range of events at the 2020 Fall Meeting.

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  • Our AGU Events, Restoring Scientific Integrity, and More

    Find out about our AGU events, how we're working to restore scientific integrity, and more in our November 2020 newsletter.

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  • Now We Rebuild and Reform Scientific Integrity

    We’re relieved that a politician with a pro-science agenda was elected president of the United States. But bitter political divides remain, with widespread disinformation campaigns and anti-science sentiment. These rifts mean our work is far from done, and we need your help to rebuild, revamp, and enforce protections for scientific integrity

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  • Election Special! Resources for Engaging in Politics

    Election Day is nearing, so we’re sharing a few of the resources we’ve created to help scientists of all stripes understand the rules surrounding their political activism.

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  • Announcing Model Language for Scientific Integrity Policies

    Our model scientific integrity policy will help federal agencies and other research institutions adopt strong, comprehensive policies that protect science and scientists.

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  • September Update: Announcing Our Newest Scientific Integrity Resources

    Among our recent news: Our model scientific integrity policy serves as a blueprint for federal agencies and other institutions needing to adopt strong, comprehensive policies that protect science.

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  • We're Here to Help Scientists Prepare to Participate in the 2020 Elections

    Join us for two free webinars on September 28 and October 13 about how scientists from all disciplines can engage in electoral politics.

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  • When Politics Trump Science

    Our own Lauren Kurtz and Susan Rosenthal co-authored When Politics Trump Science: The Erosion of Science-Based Regulation, an article published in The Environmental Law Reporter. They describe how President Trump has led a concerted effort to undermine federal scientific research, particularly in areas where research findings contradict his own views or undermine the basis of his deregulatory agenda.

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  • New Guide for Scientists on How to Participate in Elections and Political Campaigns

    Participating in Political Activities: Guidelines for Federally Employed and Federally Funded Scientists will help researchers understand whether they can donate to a candidate, volunteer for a campaign, express their support for a candidate on social media, and engage in other political activities.

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