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January Update: We’re Ready for 2024

Ready for 2024

As countries around the world head into a tumultuous election year, CSLDF remains unwavering in its commitment to protecting, defending, and empowering science and scientists. We understand the significance of scientists’ voices in public discourse by way of climate litigation, advocacy, research, and more. We also know that scientific research plays a crucial role in shaping policies and influencing public opinion, particularly during an election cycle. And we know firsthand that we are facing strong headwinds from politicians, fossil fuel-funded companies, and anti-science actors.

At a time when disinformation and attempts to silence science are rampant, we are committed to supporting researchers who face backlash or harassment for their critical work.

Since our establishment in 2011, we have adopted a multifaceted and highly effective approach to meeting this commitment. Our services include providing free legal consultation and representation to scientists who face intimidation or harassment, conducting educational workshops to educate scientists on their legal rights and responsibilities, and offering a free library of resources to help scientists and lawyers navigate and manage the risks associated with their work.

In light of the upcoming election season – and, given political failures, the increasing number of climate litigation cases – we wish to highlight two of our toolkits that may prove useful to those planning to or already engaged in scientific advocacy or activism:

  • Political Action Toolkit: The voices and expertise of climate researchers are more important than ever to cut through growing anti-science efforts. This toolkit provides several resources that can be used by anyone interested in campaigning for science-forward candidates, engaging with elected officials, taking part in protests, or other forms of advocacy.
  • Climate Litigation Toolkit: With the increase in climate litigation cases has come an increase in the number of scientists engaging in consulting work or serving as expert witnesses. This work is key to furthering climate progress but can have potential legal or professional risks. Our toolkit can help mitigate those risks for anyone wishing to take part in climate litigation.

Climate change affects everyone, regardless of political views and in spite of how aggressively some might try to pretend it’s not happening. Scientists must stand up in the face of anti-science forces and make sure that voters are aware of the truth about the climate crisis, its causes, and potential solutions. This is imperative to continue the fight against this crisis and safeguard our collective future. CSLDF is here to provide the legal and educational support and guidance that researchers need to continue to speak the truth.

If you are a researcher with specific legal questions related to your work, please reach out to us using our secure online form or give us a call at (646) 801-0853.


A Visionary Spirit: Our Thanks to Charles Zeller

CSLDF would not exist as it does today without the vision, dedication, and unwavering support of Charles Zeller, the organization’s co-founder and outgoing Board Treasurer. As he transitions to a new role on the Board of Directors, we wish to recognize his significant contributions to CSLDF and to the thousands of scientists it has benefited.

2023: Our Year in Review

December 20, 2023 | CSLDF Blog

As 2023 comes to an end, we reflect on the victories and challenges in the ongoing fight for climate progress. Here at CSLDF, we assisted a record-breaking 54 researchers this year – more per year than we’ve ever helped, and a 26% increase over 2022 (our previous record). We also had many accomplishments that give us hope in the face of challenges.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Thanks to all of our amazing supporters for their generosity during our end-of-year fundraising campaign, we were able to meet our $32,000 matching challenge! After helping a record-breaking number of researchers in 2023, your donations deliver the vital support we need to allow us to continue our work in 2024.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our mission, and we look forward to continuing to stand with you on the frontlines of the war on science.

Upcoming Events

AMS Annual Meeting: Best Practices for Scientific Advocacy

January 30, 2024 | Baltimore, MD & online

Weather, water, climate, and other scientists are increasingly using their expertise towards scientific advocacy. Whether it’s on behalf of climate change awareness, environmental justice, or another issue of broad public or scientific concern, it is vital that scientists can do so safely and effectively. CSLDF will discuss ways that scientists can apply their expertise in advocacy efforts, both as professionals and as private citizens, and how scientists can safely participate in these activities while minimizing the risk of negative repercussions.

We were recently informed that our building has been experiencing issues with mail delivery. If you mailed a check and it was returned to you, please call us at 646-801-0853 or reach out to Lucy Wells at with the subject line “Returned Check,” and we’ll be happy to help.

CSLDF is now on Bluesky:

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