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Announcing Our Newest Pocket Guide for Scientists

Our mission at CSLDF has always been to protect climate science and scientists. Today, we release another tool in that fight: the latest in our series of free pocket guides for scientists, Creating an LLC and Other Legal Strategies for Consulting or Expert Witness Work.

As climate litigation heats up, scientists are increasingly serving as expert witnesses – or engaging in other scientific consulting work. These opportunities provide important mechanisms for discrediting anti-science efforts and furthering climate progress.

“There may be no legal silver bullet that will solve the problem in one shot… But there are hundreds or thousands of silver buckshot: smaller legal actions at every level that can add up to significant progress.”

Michael Gerrard, CSLDF Board member

While there are potential legal risks with expert witness work or other forms of scientific consulting, they can be mitigated. Our new guide provides best practices for scientists who are engaging in this work and is one of many free resources we offer.

This guide, along with all of our educational and legal resources, is freely available – and your support makes this possible. Please, if you can, donate during our Summer Match and your gift will be doubled thanks to a group of generous supporters.

Any scientist who has a question about how to engage in expert witness work or other scientific consulting, or other questions related to your work, can reach out to CSLDF directly for free and confidential counsel. Contact (646) 801-0853 or

Check out Creating an LLC and Other Legal Strategies for Consulting or Expert Witness Work.

View our complete library of free educational and legal resources.

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