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May Update: Stand up for Science during Our 2X Summer Match!

There can be no doubt that we’re in a climate crisis. And as we enter another summer of the direct impacts of climate change – soaring temperatures, fires, drought, and flash floods – here’s what I see.

Nearly every week, new scientists come to us for legal representation just to be able to do their jobs. Even in this escalating emergency, an alarming number of those studying climate solutions and even climate science itself continue to be targeted for their critical work. And we need your help.

I don’t know what’s the most shocking about the legal counsel our scientists need:

  • A journal trying to water down research due to fossil fuel-funded influences?
  • A climate scientist facing online threats for correcting misinformation?
  • Or maybe it’s scientists losing their jobs simply because they advocate for the power of science and its vital role in addressing climate change?

Regardless of the anti-science intimidation tactic, here is one thing I know for sure – your support is vital in empowering and defending climate scientists and science.

And, thanks to a generous group of donors, this summer your gift will be matched up to $30k, doubling your impact and your support for climate science and scientists.

Your gift today is vital in ensuring those with climate solutions can conduct their work freely, without fear of personal or professional legal attacks. The escalating climate crisis needs science and scientists – please protect their voices today.

With much gratitude in advance,

Lauren Kurtz
Executive Director


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