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August Update: Even with recent progress, your support is still vital


Donation Match Opportunity

It has been a challenging summer. The Supreme Court decision obliterating federal emissions protections in favor of the fossil fueled status quo was a heavy blow.

Even with important new legislation in the US, record temperatures are hitting much of the world, droughts continue, and fires are raging due to human-caused climate change.  Meanwhile, industry-funded efforts continue their attempts to stymie any climate progress.

As our very own Staff Attorney Rachael Lyle states in her new opinion piece in Undark“a problem on the scale of climate change can never be solved without sustained public demand for forward-thinking policies – and that demand starts at the grassroots level.”

In response to this growing climate emergency, our supporters, like you, have rallied – and along with our partners, we are working urgently to bolster the legal defenses needed to protect climate science and scientists from further damage. And thanks to a group of supporters, any donation you make this Summer will be matched up to $50k.

By giving today, you are:

Please, if you can, make a gift today to defend climate researchers. As a global community we need climate solutions, and your gift today is doubled to protect those who are developing them.

We thank our generous donors who have contributed so far. You keep our mission of defending science on track in this critical time!




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