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February Update: How Do We Protect Science from the Next Trump?

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The Biden administration has promised to free science from political interference. But the political winds could easily shift again, argues staff attorney Augusta Wilson in an UnDark Magazine opinion piece, so federal agencies must take steps to strengthen their culture of scientific integrity.

We’re also providing commentary on the Biden administration’s scientific integrity reform efforts. On restoring scientific integrity at federal agencies, our director Lauren Kurtz explained to E&E News that the new administration is making big strides toward addressing censorship but doesn’t look at other issues, like retaliation. “It leaves a lot open for the task force,” she said. “It remains to be seen if we will get where we need to be.”

And in an Earther article about whether the Trump administration’s attacks on science could return to haunt us again, Augusta Wilson said, “I don’t think these ideas are going anywhere, and I do think it is highly likely that attempts by industry-friendly lawmakers to undermine science will continue.”

Scientific Integrity Webinar with the AGU

Save the date! On March 18 at 2 p.m. ET, our attorneys will discuss how scientific integrity principles, whistleblower protections, and academic freedom rights can help scientists advocate for science and what reforms are needed to better protect researchers. Free and hosted by the American Geophysical Union, register here.

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