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March Update: This Administration is Undermining Science in Unprecedented Ways

In addition to our regular monthly update, we want to share how COVID-19 has changed the way we work. Our office is closed, and our staff has shifted to remote working, but we’re still providing free, confidential legal advice. To schedule a call with one of our attorneys, contact us at 646-801-0853 or email

We won’t hold in-person legal education workshops or other events until it is safe to do so. We’re now exploring how to offer these online. If you want us to hold an online event for your organization or institution or are interested in attending an open session, let us know at

Like many of you, we find the Trump administration’s response to COVID-19 profoundly disturbing. It shows that the autonomy and integrity of federal scientific agencies are in jeopardy and is a dramatic example of the dangers of political interference with the work of government scientists.

The handling of this public health crisis violates fundamental scientific integrity principles, such as suppressing research and preventing scientists from accurately communicating their work in a timely way. It also undermines science and has dramatically altered our lives in ways we’re just beginning to understand.

The administration’s plan to undercut the landmark National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), which provides critical protections for the environment and public health, is another example of the silencing of science. Learn more about the proposed changes to NEPA and why we’re opposed to cutting scientists’ voices out of the environmental review process.

As always, we’re grateful to our community and appreciate your support during this challenging time. We hope you stay safe and healthy.

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