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October Update: Trump is Silencing Science About Once Every Four Days

We took a look at science under the first 1,000 days of Trump.
The Trump administration has attacked science 249 times—roughly once every four days—since the November 2016 election. We analyzed the data in our Silencing Science Tracker to learn where and how the Trump administration is focusing its efforts to censor science. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Interior (DOI), and climate science are among the most frequent targets. See our full story to learn more.

Countering the White House’s attack on science advice.
We’re one of 77 organizations that signed an October letter to President Trump asking him to rescind his executive order cutting Federal Advisory Committees and restore science advice. Scientific advisory boards have a critical role in ensuring evidence-based policies, and we believe the effort to disband these boards is harmful to the scientific endeavor, public health, and good governance.

The Scientific Integrity Act moves forward.
We were thrilled to see legislation to protect scientific integrity in federal agencies approved by the House Science Committee on October 17. Lauren Kurtz, our director, told Eos that we support the bill “because scientific integrity at federal agencies is a critical issue and presently, federal scientific integrity policies are piecemeal at best.”

Mark your calendars! AGU is on the horizon.
We’re hosting workshops, free legal consultations, and giving a talk at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, December 9–13 in San Francisco. We’re excited to see many of our community members there; visit our website to see a preliminary list of our happenings.

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