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March 3, 2020

CSLDF Publishes Guides to Scientific Integrity at Nine Federal Agencies

Today we officially launched a series of guides to scientific integrity at nine federal agencies. The guides will help researchers understand their employer’s policy and navigate the process of filing a scientific integrity complaint. They also reveal which agencies have strong policies and where the policies are lacking.
November 25, 2019

A Persistent Problem and Our Updated Guide to State Open Records Laws

To increase awareness of state open records laws—and how they’re lacking—today we released the second edition of our report, “Research Protections in Open Records Laws: An Analysis and Ranking.” The publication includes a detailed breakdown of how each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia treat scientific and academic research under their open records laws.
March 19, 2019

New Publication: What to Expect When You’re an Expert Witness

Our newest educational resource, "What to Expect When You're an Expert Witness," is a guide that's intended to help scientists know what to expect—and what to safeguard against—when they agree to provide expert testimony to judges and juries.
March 6, 2019

New Publication: Advocating for Science in a Politicized Environment

Today we published a resource designed to help scientists from all disciplines understand U.S. anti-lobbying restrictions and other political laws, so they can safely and effectively advocate for the issues of importance to them.
December 6, 2018

New Resources Help Scientists Reduce their Risk of Harassing Attacks

Today we published two educational resources to help scientists safely and effectively speak up for science, and know what to do if they end up in political crosshairs. “Safeguarding Online Communications” is a practical guide to expressing one’s views and engaging in activism, while minimizing the risk of threats and attacks. And the new edition of “Handling Political Harassment and Legal Intimidation” has information about whistleblowing and participating in advocacy and activism.
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