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October 7, 2019

CSLDF Among 77 Groups Asking Trump Administration to Restore Science Advice

The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund signed a letter on October 4—along with 76 other organizations—asking President Trump to rescind his executive order cutting Federal Advisory Committees and restore science advice.
September 23, 2019

September Update: Recent Events at NOAA, Our GSA Activities, and More

The recent events at NOAA highlight the strengths and shortcomings of scientific integrity policies; how to contact us for free confidential legal advice; where to find us at the 2019 Geological Society of American Annual Meeting.
September 10, 2019

Events at NOAA Highlight Strengths and Shortcomings of Agency Scientific Integrity Policies

President Trump’s September 2019 tweets about Hurricane Dorian have resulted in another type of storm that highlights the need for stronger protections for scientific integrity—especially at federal agencies.
August 28, 2019

August Update: We’re Fighting for Scientific Integrity

We've been providing free legal support to climate scientist Maria Caffrey, helping her file a scientific integrity complaint and a whistleblower complaint against the Trump administration; we're hosting events at the Geological Society of American Annual Meeting in September; and more.
August 22, 2019

CSLDF Helps Climate Scientist Maria Caffrey Fight for Scientific Integrity

We’ve been providing pro bono legal support to Maria Caffrey, a climate scientist who recently worked at the National Park Service. Caffrey refused to acquiesce to repeated attempts to delete references to human-caused climate change from a report she authored on sea level rise impacts to coastal parks. She was forced out of her job in February 2019.
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